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Independence, Kentucky is undergoing a complete redesign This community site will be more up to date and relevant in the coming weeks. The rebuild of this website from the ground up will create a more user friendly environment for Independence and our visitors.

Notes: 12/10 - The server transition has taken place and we are now hosted on a new platform. The site is now stable and the rebuilding process is underway. Please sign up under the newsletter tab below for updates.

12/18 - The events page is building. All major annual events will be posted here. Some are city sponsored and some are not.

1/2/17 - Adding images to the site.

1/14/17 - The phone directory is being built and designed to be mobile compliant. Phone Directory. The mobile coding will allow for click to call (no need to dial numbers from this website).

Thank you for your patience.

This site is a community based site and not part of the City. If you are looking for the official city site please go to