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Independence, Kentucky

The Heart of Kenton County

Welcome to the community of Independence, KY at You are exploring the official community based web site designed with the residents and businesses of Independence, Kentucky in mind. was established in 1999 and is Independence's longest running community web site. Our purpose is to provide a full range of information about the city and its amazing events, businesses, churches, organizations, schools and parks. We are active on social media and links to our social profiles can be found at the bottom of each page. If you want to contribute or just stay informed please follow us on the profile you interact with the most.

For generations, Independence has been known as The Heart of Kenton County. We are known as the heart for good reason. Independence is a continually growing town that adheres to its small-town and rural roots. Here you will find that the people are friendly, down to earth, and proud to live in "The Heart". Here at we are proud to say, "Home is in the Heart" !

Here at we offer you many opportunities to stay informed. You can follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram, email newsletter, or on our Twitter page. You will always be updated on all local activities and events in and around the city. An easy way to find us on social media is to search for the hashtag #41051.

Local Fact: Independence is one of two active County Seats for Kenton County. Originally, Independence was the only county seat until Covington became the second county seat. With the population exploding in Covington in the 1800's it was deemed worthy to create a second county seat closer to the population base. Independence, the original county seat retained its title and does so to this day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Independence:

  • What is the zip code for Independence?
    —The zip code for Independence, KY is 41051
  • What is the area code for Independence KY?
    —The area code for Independence KY is 859
  • What county is Independence KY located in?
    —Independence KY is in Kenton County
  • What is the population of Independence KY?
    —As of 2018, the population of Independence KY is 28,109


The Heart of Kenton County



Upcoming Local Events

  • Party in the Park
    Thursday, July 11
    Arlen Gun Club with The Billy Rock Band
  • Party in the Park
    Thursday, August 8
    Michelle Robinson (Country)
  • St. Cecilia Labor Day Festival
    Labor Day Weekend

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