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About - Independence, KY is a local website for you and about your community.

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Welcome to - Independence, KY. This web site is a community based web site designed with the residents and businesses of Independence, Kentucky in mind. was established in 1999 and is Independence's longest running community web site. Independence, Kentucky is located in Northern Kentucky in the heart of Kenton County. Our purpose is to provide a full range of information about the city and its events, businesses, churches, organizations, schools and parks.

At - Independence KY we offer an extensive way to stay in touch, communicate and share everything about our city. We have active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. We offer an e-mail subscription list that occassionally sends emails about major events. (We promise to never spam or sell our list). also encourages local businesses and organizations to submit information that we can share. Anything that can be done to add value to our community we will take under consideration.

Looking forward:

As the social landscape changes so will we. We are aways looking at what the next serious trend may be and where we can reach those who enjoy living, working or playing in our city.

Advertising is supported by advertising. If you are interested in advertising please message us through our Facebook page. We love seeing real people behind the messages!