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Independence, Kentucky Dog Parks


Dog parks near Independence, KY

The addition of a dedicated dog park can be a dog owners best friend. Dog parks are a great place dedicated to let your dog run safely in a contained area. They are also a fantastic way to let dog owners meet and socialize with their pets. Great friendships can begin at the local dog park.

The city of Independence does not currently have a park with a dedicated dog run. Many parks are pet friendly but you must bring the appropriate materials to clean up after your pet. Keeping our parks clean is something we must all take part in.

Certain dog breeds that have been deemed violent or vicious will not be allowed in the park. Please check the posted signs before entering the park. Any animal acting in a violent manner will also be asked to leave the park for the safety of everyone.

Where is the nearest dog park to Independence?

Pioneer Park is the closest park with a dedicated dog run. It is actually located within the city of Covington in between Independence and Interstate 275 on KY 17 (Madison Pike). The Kenton County Paw Park is a fenced in dedicated dog run.


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